WWWINGS is Lit Internet, Lit Daw and Lit Empty, three internet-residing producers with an ear for post-apocalyptic soundscapes and towering, wide screen club music. Isolated by geography, the three artists come together as WWWINGS, filtering a frigid combination of southern hip hop, abstract, industrial-tinged beat work and grime into their manic, all-encompassing productions. Following up likeminded releases from Kadahn, Kid Smpl and Kastle, WWWINGS join the Symbols roster with the 3000 EP (out November 13), a record as staunchly forward thinking as it is full of sonic idiosyncracies. And while WWWINGS might make music inspired by the online nexus, 3000 is certainly aimed at the club, the EP functioning as both an emotional, melodic take on 140 formats and an exercise in physicality, bringing noise and ambient tropes onto the dancefloor. 

Like much of the best contemporary club music, tracks like “Divine” and “Redemption” are both staggeringly beautiful, full of enticing detuned square waves, and as in-your-face as dance music comes, an approach that constantly leaves the listener on guard. Meanwhile, “Death Wish” is as raw and unforgiving as anything you’ll hear all year, a two and a half minute excursion into miitaristic noise and horror-inducing whispering effects. The fact that Lit Internet, Lit Daw and Lit Empty create all of their music via online dialogue is an impressive feat, but considering the increasingly place-less aesthetic leanings of most web-dwelling producers, WWWING are leading the pack in both aesthetic and sonic terms.

"The early tranquility gives way pretty violently to plunging dynamic shifts and hellfire raining down; a halfway house between throwing the kitchen sink and scorching the earth. Fans of 0PN's harsh new material or Rabit's hairpin turns into the grotesque, this one's for you." - Boiler Room

"Cinematic almost to the point of telling a story, if Angelysium ever gets into a groove, it's likely to vanish suddenly into the vast mists, giant machinery and assorted percussive enigmas. The empty spaces that characterise the stop-start textures of eski grime become yawning chasms thick with tension and potential assailants, yet also with melancholic distance." - The Fader

"The ten chapters of ANGELYSIUM detail the LIT INTERNET-led front of banshees, under armour, ice bows, the second coming, and how lit the future will be." - Tiny Mix Tapes

"Lit Internet turns the restlessness of so many recent grime experimenters into an advantage, putting it at the core of the game and alternating it with a rhythmic coalescence that then becomes all the more gratifying." - The Wire

3000 EP (SMBL040)

Release Date: November 13, 2015


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