BYZ - FEEL GOOD NOW! - 1500x1500.jpg

BYZ - Feel Good Now!

Release date: March 1, 2019

BYZ’s music invites images of the carnival, an expansive, multi-focal space strewn with technicolor and focused explicitly on manufacturing spectacle. On March 1, the young Montreal artist arrives on Symbols with the Feel Good Now! EP, his official debut and another inspiring entry from a generation of post-beat scene artists embracing a maddening online environment by filtering it into their own work.

At six densely arranged tracks, Feel Good Now! functions as a particularly immersive debut, showing off a range of reference points from across the experimental-hardcore axis and diving into multiple idiosyncratic rabbit holes on each track. Sounds ping and squish against each other in BYZ’s sonic ecology, guided by an internal logic that trends towards the gothic and reels off new synesthetic information at a remarkable pace.

In its individual makeup, Feel Good Now! expands at a rapid pace from the first bars of “Jester’s Court” to the closing crash of “Mausoleum Of Flesh", touching on neo-orchestral arrangements, hydraulic sound design and souped up hip hop production. Virtual voices flit in and out of tracks like “Rift” and “Spirit Cry”, guiding BYZ’s synthetic space along through dozens of shifts and mutations. Hyperreality is de facto truth in the world embraced by BYZ and Feel Good Now! offers an inspired step into that space.

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