01. Inchindown - Window [14:55]

02. Specimens - Jet Streams [11:04]

DISPLAY’s first split release of 2019 comes courtesy of Inchindown and Specimens, two London-based outfits exploring mood and texture in micro detail. Titled “Window” and “Jet Streams” respectively, each piece functions as portal between internal and external worlds, managing affective inputs and outputs with deep intimacy.

Inchindown’s “Window” grapples with noise and lofty melodic motifs, laying out an expansive field of sound that instantly envelops the listener. Familiar segments enter and exit the fray as the piece proceeds almost atemporally, extended onto a never-ending horizontal field.

Specimens’ “Jet Streams” also imbues a grandiose mood into tiny detail, masterfully utilizing feedback to puncture a blanket soft atmospheric quotient. It’s easy to get lost in the piece’s softly lapping waves, a sense of immersion aided by intense melancholy.

Both segments tend to congeal and distort, preferring emotional clarity at times and distorting it at others. Inchindown and Specimens come from a long lineage of London artists delving into the promise and disappointment of an expansive urban environment and “Window” and “Jet Stream” will prove fitting soundtracks to any number of transient environments.

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