DISPLAY 17/18: Laura Luna Castillo & Lensk

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01. Laura Luna Castillo - Things Have Started To Float

02. Lensk - Light (As It Shone Through Cracking Ice)

The latest DISPLAY split tape sees two exciting artists construct ice-cold ambience in a pair of sprawling cinematic pieces.

Laura Luna Castillo crafts a tense surrealist soundscape on “Things Have Started To Float”. The eerie and engaging piece steadily amasses and dissolves structure with a blend of droning mid-tones and creaking metallic hits all while a menacing bass pulse lurches forward. This distinct tension creates a cinematic feeling ultimately evoking a subtly whirling electronic mass frozen in time.

The flipside of the tape sees Lensk engaging in more structural experimentation on “Light (As It Shone Through Cracking Ice)”. The tundral composition slowly evolves from delicate ambient meditations and narrative glimmers to blistering wall-of-sound sonics. Closing with razor-sharp growls eventually fading back into more delicate, nocturnal hymns. A fitting final bow for the release.