Held - 8.20

Release date: February 8, 2019

DISPLAY returns in 2019 with the second iteration of their SOLO series, featuring album length work parsed out into the label’s signature 10-15 minute compositions. DISPLAYSOL002 comes courtesy of Held, the latest project to emerge from Kid Smpl’s ever-expanding universe. 8.20 is organized into four quadrants, a slowly growing field of sound constantly riffing on natural and digital ecologies.

Built on a language of dissonant euphoria, the first half of the release, titled “Click Anatomy”, skews between legibility and anguished melancholy with ghostly visages entering the fray and leaving just as quickly. “The Hatch” and “First Collab + Fanuc Drum Solo” build out 8.20’s second half with Held exploring deeper ecstatic veins and insectile internal rhythms.

As an introductory statement, 8.20 strays away from the solid for a more fluid approach, enmeshing countless fibrous layers into its structure. DISPLAY and Kid Smpl fans will recognize thematic elements, but the album sets out for new territory and the Held alias is set to be home for a whole set of divergent ambient languages.

DISPLAY: Bandcamp | Soundcloud | YouTube