Artwork by Christian Velasquez

Artwork by Christian Velasquez


Release date: December 22, 2017

my.head returns to Symbols with an album of spectral transmissions from the hardcore continuum and beyond. Expanding on the ground established on 2015's En Noir and 2016's Abyss of an Excessive Void, the Indigo LP is the French producer's second full length and sees him tackle a wide screen approach befitting of an artist who has impressed with a deft cross-genre touch that has involved everything from jungle to sweeping synth experiments. Indigo breaches that divide, spanning nine tracks of dense, emotional arrangements starting with the weighty chords of "MATRIARCH" and moving onto breakbeat-laden "DISSOLVE" and the stuttering beat work of "STASIS". The album's title is fitting as my.head deals mainly in deep, rich hues throughout the album, making it the perfect way for Symbols to close out the year and an idyllic album to take with you into this ever so strange winter.


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Photos by Julie Montel