Release date: Sep 20, 2019

01. Goliath’s Twin

02. Circular Argument

The fifth entry in the DISPLAYSOLO series sees UK producer Thugwidow showcasing his signature blend of brooding ambience and euphoric rave stylings.

Manifested in the artist’s own dreams, Goliath’s Twin maintains a steady push-pull between meditation and acceleration. Winding breakbeats emerge through dread-inducing ambience only to fizzle back into the abyss and be reborn accompanied by rugged basslines and more break-neck rhythms. Rave sonics mold into intricate entanglements that only live for brief moments before mutating into something new and unfamiliar, all evoking the delirium of being lost in a hypnagogic dancehall. Dark and murky, the two 15 minute tracks maintain a distinct aesthetic while undulating between these foggy and lucid visions.

Recorded in London over the dark days of Spring. “It’s quite raw.”