Leda Stray & High Class Filter - Venga EP (SMBL058)

Release date: May 3, 2019

01. Venga ft. Nané

02. Bengal

03. Sphinx

In our first dance floor concentrated release for awhile, we welcome Leda Stray & High Class Filter who have been pushing boundaries within the UK funky and leftfield bass scene. Both top producers in their own right and together we see a hyper-focused 3-track EP that gets straight to the point.

Title track, 'Venga', features Nané who has also shared her talents with Mina & Roska. Discordant pads, rib shaking sub bass and massive tribal drums lend the energy to her vocal prowess. 'Bengal' drops into a quiet before the storm with an onslaught of percussion and your daily dose of steel drums. 'Sphinx' rounds the EP out with a nice blend of jungle-era pads and effects interspersed with thick square waves and pan flutes.

Leda Stray: Soundcloud | Twitter | Spotify

High Class Filter: Soundcloud | Twitter | Spotify