Symbols Radio 006

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Loom - Heavy Glow
Kingdom - Down 4 Whatever (Kingdom’s VIP Chop)
IVVVO - Prince of Grudge
Jade Statues - Machine Birth
Syn - Mirage
Tygapaw - The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth
LOFT - I Am Bouyant
Slann - I Don’t Understand
Walton - Koto Riddim
LYZZA - Bad Habits
Hyph11e - Unknown Number (M.E.S.H. Remix)
LOFT - Heffalump (Szare Remix)
Vagrant - Eye In The Machine
Night Dives - Crib Point
Asha Mirr - The Fire That Consumes All Before It
DJ Lostboi - If I Should Die
Kastle - Resurrection (In My Talons Remix)
Kastle - Psychic Security (TenTwentySeven Remix)
Miracles - Susurro
Endgame - Forsaken ft. Organ Tapes & Yayoyanoh
Paul Marmota - Tierra Incognita
Barla - Pinch Me
Royce Yolo & Monkey’s Cymbal - Oculus Rift (YDVST Remix)
Gaika - Chop
Lilith Twin & Sangam - Still Standing


d’Eon – Forever Beautiful
my.head - XVIII - MOON (without U)
my.head - Everything May Fall
Gaika - Glad we found it
Lapalux - NO HRT
Unknown - Untitled
Yo Gotti – Shawty [EDIT]
Kastle - Angel Tech
my.head - Memory
J.G Biberkopf - Delirium
Mana - Sei Nove
Kuedo - Halogen Light
my.head - Ur Ghost
Gaika – Battalion
Visionist - 1 Guarda
v1984 - Too Much (Vocal Edit)
Mica Levi - Delete Beach (Instrumental)
Obsequies - Asthme
Antwood - Wait For Yengi
Overmono – Inulin
The Bug - Bad (feat. Flowdan)
The Bug - Mi Lost (feat. Miss Red)

Symbols Radio 001

Symbols Radio 001
Hosted by Kastle ft. Kid Smpl guest mix

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01. Utah? - Nitrogen
02. Slann - Ruid
03. Grasps - Anger
04. Rooots - Motion Tracker
05. Total Freedom - Pepsi Song / Slave Song About Nothing
06. Dj NinOo - Ambientes Leves
07. Boy - Rush
09. WULFFLUW XCIV - Necesito Tu Amor
10. Kastle - Polytopia (Kid Smpl Remix)
11. Clu - Trance Lament
12. Bulma - Ronin
13. Harpey & Slann - This Might Be It
14. WA?STE x Sonny Digital - 50 On My Eternal Ocean
15. Organ Tapes - Believer
16. Mostack - Let It Ring
17. Young T & Bugsey - No Mickey Mouse Ting
18. Kastle - Thought Vector
19. Grasps - Artificial Body
20. Zurvolt - Distraction
21. Santa Muerte - Syngian ft. TenTwentySeven
22. Syymstress - Ryde Out ft. Yayoyanoh
23. E.M.M.A. - Glacé (Iglew Remix)
24. Mina - Ringtone Riddim ft. Gafacci
25. Promnite - Ride Around (Instrumental)
26. DJ Heroin - Count Up
27. Merca Bae - Altyn // АЛТЫН
28. Jigga - GITAI
29. Shinichiro Yokota - Do It Again
30. Nine Inch Nails - Closer To God
31. WWWINGS - Divine
32. v1984 - SPfiNAL TAP re-JUVENescence

Kid Smpl Guest Mix

01. Burial - Subtemple x Sangam - Scripted Culture
03. Blessed Initiative - Borderline Spamming
04. Sangam & Kid Smpl - Access Stream
05. MESH - Victim Lord x Loke Rahbek - City of Women
06. Murlo - AFK (feat. Gemma Dunleavy)
07. Know V.A. - Reification
09. v1984 - beauty __ IT5INYR-H3D
10. fknsyd - Loving Observer
11. Omari - Gloom
12. Aphex Twin - Xtal x Elysia Crampton - Promesa (Placer County Pride)
13. Sangam - Scripted Culture

Kastle Final 30 Minutes

01. Prayer (DMX x Ashanti x Why Be/Sky H1/Elysia Crampton - Organ Tapes Intro Edit)
02. SHX - Begins
03. WA?STE - Thorns
04. Swimful - Pearls (Letta Remix)
05. Blay Vision - These Guys
06. J(ay).A.D - Thinking About You
07. Patrick Brian - Fake I.D.
08. BEAN - ????
09. Arca - Reverie
10. LAO - Xibalba (Bootleg)
11. Utah? - Jackal
12. Skilled None - Turbo Dao
13. HKE - Fire

BK Beats - Based (SMBDL014)

Free Download

Los Angeles’ BK Beats is the latest artist to contribute to the SMBDL series, following up abrasive, club-focused efforts from DJAO and Modulaw with the plucky, romantic “Based”. Building on a wealth of previous work, both released via the ONE EIGHT HUNDRED label and a series of self-releases, “Based” is both immediately gratifying and intricately detailed, grafting pristine instrumentation and warm weather-ready samples onto exactly the sort of gravelly percussion we’ve come to expect from the bleeding edge of club music.

DJAO - Lights Off (SMBDL013)

Free Download

Seattle’s DJAO, also known by his Club alias 7777777, reignites the Symbols Singles Series with “Lights Off”, utilizing repetition and a familiar sample to push the listener firmly out of their comfort zone. A singular drone, mechanical breathing and Lil Jon’s bracing chants make up the backbone of the track, managing a disorienting dragging effect even as sharp snares form a marshall beat. It’s a foreign zone to most, but one that is ultimately rewarding.

DISPLAY: A new cassette sub-label of Symbols

DISPLAY is a new sub-label of Symbols curated by Kid Smpl. The label aims to showcase long form single-track musical explorations. Guest artists are asked to create an original piece with a single constraint: a 10-15 minute run time. The results can be found in digital format as well as on limited-run split cassettes.

The first releases feature Eaves, Kid Smpl, MICHAELBRAILEY and WWWINGS. The cassettes may be ordered via our Bandcamp or at Apothecary Compositions.

Maere - Cold Dark Matter (SMBL050)

Maere - Cold Dark Matter (SMBL050) 
Release date: March 3, 2017

Bandcamp | Spotify | Apple Music | iTunes

Rising from the thriving Berlin underground, Maere debuts with Cold Dark Matter, the 50th release in the Symbols catalogue and a striking collection of inky, soundsystem-focused productions. At six songs, Cold Dark Matter is just long enough to fully submerge the listener in Maere’s expansive sound design — mostly comprised of analogue synths run through cassette decks — and its focused sense of melodrama takes on an all-encompassing nature from the buzzy opening notes of “It Swarms” to the hi tech churn of “Outro”. 

Reference points abound in Maere’s work, but the unique design elements are what come to the fore throughout Cold Dark Matter. Those design elements range from richly textured synths to meticulously placed drums, pointing to hip hop and R&B production while drawing up and aspiring for an entirely new future. That outlook makes the newcomer out of Germany a perfect fit for the Symbols roster and Cold Dark Matter, out March 3, is as dazzling of a debut as you’re likely to come across.

Artwork by Christian Velasquez

Artwork by Christian Velasquez

Kastle & Kid Smpl remix CÉCI (Hush Hush Records)

CÉCI is the alias of 24 year-old London-based Danish sound designer, electronic producer, and vocalist Cecilie Dahlin. An emerging artist with a captivating and still evolving sound, CÉCI’s music taps into the thrilling intersection between experimental electronic production and hypnotic leftfield pop. Her sharp ear for intricate details, immersive atmospherics, and hard-hitting drums, as well as her ethereal vocals that swarm in and out of the kaleidoscopic backdrop, creates music for another dimension. In this space, fragile echoes fill a dark industrial space, magnetic whispers sneak out of a moonlit alley. 

Early demos of her works were immediately and strikingly impressive, yet CÉCI’s rapidly ascending talents now have her looking ahead at an official debut artist release that's due out later this year. Until the emergence of that anticipated EP, Hush Hush is proud to present an unofficial showcase of her multi-faceted talent with 'RMX,' a 4-track remix collection of those scrapped demos. Driving her music through a prism of progressive zones is a pair of Hush Hush alums (Kid Smpl, Chants) and a couple of talented friends (Kastle, Ca$h Bandicoot), each artist finding inspiration in CÉCI’s music to explore a cutting-edge collaborative sound.