Kid Smpl: Astral Plane Mix

Kid Smpl joins the expertly curated Astral Plane Mix Series for an inspiring mix taking you through several of his influences, originals and fellow Symbols artists like J(ay).A.D, y y y, and DJAO. Big up Astral Plane for the feature.

Alva Noto – xerrox radieuse -> Kid Smpl – Beyonce x VMAs Remix
DedekindCut – True Lover$ knot
Albyy – Hanging On -> WWWINGS – Death Wish
Tim Hecker – Stigmata I
Visionist – Safe
Eaves – GBHM
Drake & Future – Jersey
Letta – Where I Left You
Kid Smpl – Glyph Fell
Bruised Skies – Consequence -> Earz – Every Room
Chambers – _E_
Kid Smpl – Repeat Balance -> Angel-Ho – Revolter
DJAO – Lights Off
J(ay).A.D – I Need Her
Kelela – All the Way Down
SHUTTLE 358 – Burrowed vows
Kid Smpl – Focus Ribbon
Kid Smpl – Response Ascend
yyy – troyka pt.I
Celestial Trax – Reasons
DedekindCut – Further (with and open mouth)
Burial – Kindred
Alva Noto – xerrox isola
Kid Smpl – Blade