Symbols Mix Series 010: Astral Plane DJ Team

We are very excited to share this mix from The Astral Plane DJ Team. Someone who is always on the cutting edge of electronic music as evident with their blog, under-the-radar coverage for FACT Mag, and more recently with their newly launched label division. Oh, and did we mention they also have an expertly curated Mix Series?

Helm - Often  Destroyed
Kuedo - Cellular Perimeter
Monokle - Blow
Lussuria - Under
Pan Daijing - ENCOUNTER 逢
Ausschus - Mantle
Roly Porter - High Places
Kid Smpl - Barrier (SHALT Remix)
Grovestreet - Untitled
Loft - Undecide
Nunu - Punani
Shalt- Quick Decline
Ausschuss - Ravoir
Kareem Lofty - Power Bass Bubbling
Shalt - Acheron (LCM Edit)
Chants - Crushed Lollipop
Coil - The First Five Minutes After Death
DJ Baba - Elequa RMX
Chants - Silencer Magpie (Floor Edit)
Rushmore - Struck Down
Shalt - Unconfined (Kid Smpl Remix)