Kastle & Kid Smpl remix CÉCI (Hush Hush Records)

CÉCI is the alias of 24 year-old London-based Danish sound designer, electronic producer, and vocalist Cecilie Dahlin. An emerging artist with a captivating and still evolving sound, CÉCI’s music taps into the thrilling intersection between experimental electronic production and hypnotic leftfield pop. Her sharp ear for intricate details, immersive atmospherics, and hard-hitting drums, as well as her ethereal vocals that swarm in and out of the kaleidoscopic backdrop, creates music for another dimension. In this space, fragile echoes fill a dark industrial space, magnetic whispers sneak out of a moonlit alley. 

Early demos of her works were immediately and strikingly impressive, yet CÉCI’s rapidly ascending talents now have her looking ahead at an official debut artist release that's due out later this year. Until the emergence of that anticipated EP, Hush Hush is proud to present an unofficial showcase of her multi-faceted talent with 'RMX,' a 4-track remix collection of those scrapped demos. Driving her music through a prism of progressive zones is a pair of Hush Hush alums (Kid Smpl, Chants) and a couple of talented friends (Kastle, Ca$h Bandicoot), each artist finding inspiration in CÉCI’s music to explore a cutting-edge collaborative sound.