Kastle XLR8R Podcast

"Barrett Richards (a.k.a. Kastle) and his label Symbols embody the forward-thinking ethos at the heart of electronic music. Since debuting seven years ago, Richards' work as Kastle and the music he releases under the Symbols banner consistently strives to push sound and genres into the outer-realms of what could be considered the status quo. There are obvious stylistic touchstones in his music—UK garage, jungle, grime, hip-hop, and bass, to name a few—but Richards manages to sift them through a unique filter to create a sound that is at once familiar and foreign, a style in itself." -- Read more at XLR8R

01. MICHAELBRAILEY "Intimacy Negator (Feel Me)" [DISPLAY]
02. WIFE "Native Trade" [Profound Lore]
03. w. baer "The Shakes" [Hush Hush]
03. Organ Tapes "天堂"
04. S4U "One Key" [Limited Health]
05. Klasey Jones "Area 55" [Terrorhythm]
06. Maere "Omen" [Symbols]
07. Kastle "Polytopia" (Kid Smpl Remix) [Symbols]
08. Dinamarca "Mobileboy" [Her Records]
09. Ceci "Dry" (Kastle Remix) [Hush Hush]
10. Kastle "Masks" [Symbols]
11. Gaika "PMVD" (feat. Mista Silva) [Mixpak]
12. Kastle "The Future" (feat. MICHAELBRAILEY) [Symbols]
13. Hoodcelebrityy "The Takeover" (Kelman Duran Remix)
14. Dial Boy "Kaiyote" [JockJomz]
15. LU6IFER "Heroine"
16. DJ Heroin "Left Behind"
17. Letta "Far Off" (feat. Ryan Hemsworth) [Coyote Records]
18. Big Tobz "Uno My Style"
19. Kid Smpl "Ender" (y y y Remix) [Symbols]
20. Utah? "250ml" [Symbols]
21. Santa Muerte "Dangerous Scenarios" (feat. Rules) [Infinite Machine]
22. DVA "Almostu" (feat. Roses Gabor & Rae Rae) [Hyperdub]
23. Dave Saved "Let It Evolve" [Gang of Ducks]
24. Roni Size "New Forms" [Mercury]
25. Portishead "Wandering Stars" [Go! Discs]
26. my.head "Abyss ft. Ida Dillan" [Symbols]
26. WWWINGS "Digital Divide"
27. Ian Isiah "247" [UNO NYC]