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Kid Smpl x Adidas Video

Kid Smpl soundtracks a new video collaboration between Adidas and film director Jonas Hegi featuring dancer Gianna Gi. The track, "Input Vein", is available now on his Response/Ascend EP.

It is obvious that a person free to use his time for the whole of his life, free to go where he wants, when he wants, cannot make the greatest use of his freedom in a world ruled by the clock and the imperative of a fixed abode. As a way of life Homo Ludens will demand, firstly, that he responds to his need for playing, for adventure, for mobility, as well as all the conditions that facilitate the free creation of his own life. […]
— Constant Nieuwenhuys



Premiere: Utah? remixes Kid Smpl

First Listen: Kid Smpl - Blade (Utah? Remix)

We have a remix EP for Kid Smpl forthcoming featuring a strong lineup of Utah?, y y y, Eaves, and SHALT where Purple Tape Pedigree and Astral Plane artists meet Symbols. Hyponik has delivered the first listen of the Utah? remix of "Blade".

Sheffield producer Utah? is no stranger to Symbols, having released the Oxygen EP with them last year. His music injects melodic grime with a dash of rave – specifically the bassline/garage that he grew up on. He’s also got a new EP for Symbols coming later this year, so you should probably watch out for that.

While the original ‘Blade’ is a twisted club take on widescreen R&B, barely a minute and a half long, Utah?’s remix turns this fragment into a full track, somewhere between Mssingno and the glossier end of the Boxed sound. Vocal clips hang in the air like frozen echoes, while the whole thing is underpinned by a spiky bed of sub bass stalagmites. Listen to it below, and also check out Kid Smpl’s YouTube Sessions from last year.
— Hyponik

Kid Smpl: Astral Plane Mix

Kid Smpl joins the expertly curated Astral Plane Mix Series for an inspiring mix taking you through several of his influences, originals and fellow Symbols artists like J(ay).A.D, y y y, and DJAO. Big up Astral Plane for the feature.

Alva Noto – xerrox radieuse -> Kid Smpl – Beyonce x VMAs Remix
DedekindCut – True Lover$ knot
Albyy – Hanging On -> WWWINGS – Death Wish
Tim Hecker – Stigmata I
Visionist – Safe
Eaves – GBHM
Drake & Future – Jersey
Letta – Where I Left You
Kid Smpl – Glyph Fell
Bruised Skies – Consequence -> Earz – Every Room
Chambers – _E_
Kid Smpl – Repeat Balance -> Angel-Ho – Revolter
DJAO – Lights Off
J(ay).A.D – I Need Her
Kelela – All the Way Down
SHUTTLE 358 – Burrowed vows
Kid Smpl – Focus Ribbon
Kid Smpl – Response Ascend
yyy – troyka pt.I
Celestial Trax – Reasons
DedekindCut – Further (with and open mouth)
Burial – Kindred
Alva Noto – xerrox isola
Kid Smpl – Blade



Kid Smpl: Response/Ascend EP

Shine the spotlight in further on the track in question, Focus Ribbon, and you see just how much the harder genres mentioned above are screaming out. Percussive elements are pretty much redundant, giving way for beaming chords and jaw-clenching stabs that make us think of the peak of the night, maybe 3am, when everything gets a bit blurry and extra-hedonistic. Be warned, its full frontal sense of immediacy will have you listening over and over again.
— Dummy Mag

Kid Smpl - Response/Ascend (SMBL039) out now:
Download: iTunes | Bandcamp
Stream: Spotify | Rdio

Release Date: October 23, 2015

01. Repeat Balance
02. Blade
03. Input Vein
04. Focus Ribbon
05. Response/Ascend
06. Display Ring

Seattle’s Kid Smpl has always been a student of dance music’s history, his ever-deepening catalogue showing off a keen understanding of over two decades of rave music. Snippets of jungle, garage and dubstep seem to flit in and out of Smpl’s past work, reconstitutions of classic sounds in a new context, often at a new tempo and with newfound emotional heft. On Response/Ascend, Smpl’s latest effort for Symbols and a proficient companion piece to February’s Precinct EP, Smpl moves beyond the confines of the UK hardcore continuum, drawing on everything from the hyper-melodic skip of contemporary dancehall to big room trance, all stuck together with a widescreen R&B sensibility. 

And whereas Kid Smpl’s past work has elicited nostalgia and futurist yearnings, Response/Ascend is a record distinctly of our time, a heaving, ever-collapsing mass that distills big room and home listening sensibilities into one singular space. That space is filled by songs like “Repeat Balance” and “Display Ring” that seem to clatter and bang until it’s almost unbearable, shearing noise and Smpl’s signature tortured vocal manipulations building over a saccharine bed synth pads. Meanwhile on the brief but brilliant “Focus Ribbon”, beaming major chords accompany a twisted, meandering vocal, the track moving forward despite a near-total lack of percussion. As a whole, Response/Ascend oozes confidence; the confidence of a producer willing to match harsh sonics with beatific melodic work and, moreso, an artist striving to enter untested waters.

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