Fans have come to love the label Symbols for rich experimentalism with a sensual edge. The brand’s bass-infused R&B can be harsh and metallic, deep and luxurious, spacey and off-kilter. Finding the next sound is a job founder Kastle takes very seriously
— Billboard Magazine
Shine the spotlight in further on the track in question, Focus Ribbon, and you see just how much the harder genres mentioned above are screaming out. Percussive elements are pretty much redundant, giving way for beaming chords and jaw-clenching stabs that make us think of the peak of the night, maybe 3am, when everything gets a bit blurry and extra-hedonistic. Be warned, its full frontal sense of immediacy will have you listening over and over again.
— Dummy Mag on Kid Smpl
One of the best gems on the Symbols roster is French producer my.head, who reps the label’s eclecticism diligently with a focus on everything from cinematic soundscapes to future-trap sounds.