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Release Date: August 21, 2015

01. Routine
02. Zugunruhe
03. Vendor
04. Jenga
05. Metamorphosis
06. Urban Milieu
07. Street Performer
08. Elapsed

Club music often takes influence from the urban environment it is so often situated in, but it is far rarer for that same music to actually mirror and build upon city life. Washington D.C. artist Moth does exactly that on the In Transit EP, his arrival on Symbols, working snippets of found sound into a rugged take on jungle, garage, hip hop and R&B. Initially resembling the work of his spiritual forefathers Volor Flex and Burial, In Transit quickly diverges from that framework, both in terms of the reckless momentum embodied in the record’s breakbeat science and its intereferential qualities, balancing Southern rap motifs with abstract field recordings. 

Like city life itself, In Transit is a hectic composition, coming in at eight tracks long and balancing a beatific, home listening ethos with the kinetic percussion that has drawn fans to jungle the world over. It’s a record where paranoia and jubilation sit side by side, the depths of feeling alone in a crowd matched only by the peaks of late summer nights. Measured perfectly between beat-less, sound design excursions like “Jenga” and “Urban Milieu” and full frontal club workouts like “Zugunruhe” and “Metamorphosis”, Moth shows remarkable maturity for a relatively new artist, pushing classical club forms in brash new directions and adding an indelible document to urban music canon.