y y y - после (After) (SMBL042)

Release Date: December 18, 2015

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01. Platform
02. Razor
03. Mandem
04. 33 Degrees
05. TBH
06. Sacrifice

In the mold of the best beatmakers of yore, y y y is prolific without being ostentatious, providing listeners with a near constant stream of new tracks on Soundcloud without blaring about it on other social media channels. The после (After) EP marks the London-based producer's arrival on Symbols and the final release of 2015 for the Los Angeles-based label, six tracks of cinematic, R&B-infused grime and hip hop, full of pulsing, mechanic percussion wafting, disembodied vocals. Often solemn in nature, после (After) tracks like "Razor" and "Sacrifice" fit comfortably in a London setting, but these aren't outright rave tracks and with their bits of flitting voice and texture, almost seem to bring out the aesthetic of the urban environment in their quieter moments.