schism - rift (smbl045)

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Release Date: May 13, 2016

01. Venom Aura
02. Skin Chasm
03. Attack Terrain

The synthesis of two existing projects, Schism is the work of German producers hnrk and DJ Heroin, the former of teamSESH fame and the latter a rising star in the world of post-apocolyptic club productions. As Schism, the two arrive on Symbols with the Rift EP, a release that sees the pair take their respective aesthetics to the extreme and is full of the sort of blow back rhythms and twisted sound design we’ve come to expect from the label. Comprised of three towering efforts, fans of WWWINGS and y y y will find solace in the chaos strewn worlds constructed by hnrk and DJ Heroin and while the outsized tracks are full of the rich textures and sneaky pop sensibility they’re also fully outfited for maximum club potential.

Often bludgeoning, but never devoid of a crisp, sneaky beauty, Rift jumps off with “Attack Terrain”, a roughhewn track full of throttling bass and punchy 808s. The track sets an ominous tone as Rift delves into tropes ranging from Southern rap and grime to an assortment of sub-heavy forms from the hardcore continuum and beyond. “Skin Chasm” hits equally hard, built on top of a high pitched, almost analgesic melody and the sort of high strung atmosphere both hnrk and DJ Heroin manage so adeptly. Closing out Rift, “Venom Aura” is an emotional banger of the highest form, matching a pitched up vocal with sawtooth synths and an array of foley effects that form a bed of texture for the track’s pressurized inner workings. As the synthesis of DJ Heroin and hnrk’s respective aesthetics, Rift certainly succeeds, but even more so it sees the two expand into and experiment with exciting a larger sound and unorthodox sonics.

Artwork by AMEN