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Release Date: June 16, 2015

01. Ghet Gone Mist
02. Tribe
03. Collide
04. I Luv U 2 Damn Much
05. Reason 4 Luv
06. Cold Scanner
07. Nexus Wing
08. Cove Lung
09. Arc Eye Matter
10. Data Root Multiplex
11. No Void Construct
12. Bliss
13. This Is Me Not Caring (About You) 
14. No Ego
15. Clouded Rings

New York City-based producer Kadahn takes over Symbols Recordings’ fourth release of the year, the textural, brilliantly ephemeral Eraser Meditations. Comprised of 15 tracks, all near or under three minutes long, Eraser Meditations is a visceral look inside the young artist’s kaleidoscopic mind and workflow, a tape at the confluence of a number of contemporary club forms that, nonetheless, prides sounds design over conventional rhythms or song structures. Eski clicks, blasts of unadulterated noise and otherworldly melodic portions are the name of the game here, a fitting follow up to my.head’s deftly unconventional En Noir EP. 

Across an EP for Seattle’s Hush Hush Records and numerous sketches and tracks for his own Half Death crew, Kadahn has built a formidable body of work over the past year, both prolific in its scope and breadth of influence. That effort culminates in Eraser Meditations, taking the sonic collage approach of Berlin’s Janus collective and artists like TCF and Elysia Crampton and taking it to aquatic depths. Tempo is thrown to the wayside as Kadahn matches brilliant melodies with industrial noise and production techniques, a disconcerting match in the most acute, tactile sense. This is music for a hypothetical club where dancers want to be twisted, molded and stunned into submission by what’s coming out of the sound system. Eraser Meditations is out on June 16th via Symbols.